Donald Trump Spurs Composting Toilet Sales!

According to the Toronto Star, “America’s bunker mentality is the stuff of movies and historical lore. The desire for blast-proof walls, filtrated air and water, and composting toilets is deeply embedded in the national psyche,” and the fledgling presidency of Donald Trump is leading more Americans to make that lore a reality: to buy more composting toilets! Whether they’re anti-Trump and afraid of the consequences of his foreign and domestic policies, or they’re pro-Trump or neutral but afraid of what’s going to happen in America because so many people oppose Trump, composting toilet sales are up as bunker-building hits a higher gear.

Having said that, the article also points out this is not unique to Donald Trump:

“When a Republican is president, the left wants to buy a bunker,” [Gary Lynch, owner of solid steel bunker manufacturer Rising S Co.] said. “It’s the opposite when a Democrat is president.”

I suppose that means that presidential elections, in general, make Americans a lot more interested in re-purposing their shit.

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