BioLet BTS33 NE

Product Name:BTS33 NE
Height:24 3/4"
Weight:25.5 lbs
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Not all composting toilets are created equal. Sometimes this is on purpose, as when a particular unit or type of unit is particularly suited to a particular use. For example, a central unit—one in which the toilet you sit on is separate from the tank that collects and composts waste—is an excellent choice for a year-round home but a poor choice for an RV. Other times, a given model is just a bad model. But as the overall market for composting toilets grows, so does the range of usages. No longer is a composting toilet just something to install at the cottage or just a flush toilet replacement, and in such a reality, versatility becomes a kind of super-functionality. Enter Biolet’s BTS33 NE. Instead of being specialized, the BTS33 NE embraces flexibility. It is a simple solution to many problems rather than a complex solution to one. As far as composting toilets go, it is the jack of all trades: simple in its design, minimal in its requirements and suitable for almost any location you’d want a toilet.


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Target Market

  • Cottage owners
  • Off-grid living enthusiasts
  • Seasonal homeowners
  • Tiny-home dwellers
  • RV owners
  • Boaters

Features & Benefits of the BioLet BTS33 NE

Size & Weight

A fully installed BTS33 NE weighs only 25lbs, and measures about 26.5″ by 15.5″ with a height of 24.75″. In the world of composting toilets, this is small, light and manageable. Unlike a central composting toilet unit or even many self-contained units, it can fit anywhere and is easy both to move and to manipulate. Don’t underestimate how important this can be.

No Electricity, No Water, No Problem

The NE in BTS33 NE stands for non-electric, which means the toilet does not require an external electric power source to function. Because the unit also doesn’t require a source of water, it’s the ultimate off-grid composting toilet. Install it, follow the instructions and it’s ready to go. With the BTS33 NE, you’re independent of your power company and its fees, not wasting water or paying for it, and able to place your toilet even in the most remote areas.


Given that the BTS33 NE is a small, light and resource independent self-contained composting toilet, it’s one of the most versatile units around, which means it’s ideal for cottages, camps, hunting lodges, seasonal residences, tiny homes, boats and any other location in which a traditional flush toilet and even many composting toilets just won’t do. Plus if you ever move camps or switch cottages, you can easily uninstall the unit and take it with you. Biolet, the producer, may be Swedish, but the BTS33 NE is the Swiss Army knife of composting toilets.



Although the capacity of the BTS33 NE is rated by Biolet at 4 people – full-time use and 6 people – part-time use, with optional bins increasing capacity by 2-3 people, this rating is questionable. Reviews and testimonials suggest that while the BTS33 NE is well suited to low traffic areas or for regular but seasonal use, it is ill-suited for regular full-time use. In other words, the actual capacity of this model is less than advertised, and while the unit may be a good choice for a cottage or an RV, it is not a good choice as a flush toilet replacement for a family home.


Because the Biolet BTS33 NE lacks a heat source, any excess liquid that builds up in the unit must be drained. To enable such draining, a drainage tube must be installed. Proper installation of this drainage tube is critical. Many of the negative experiences with this composting toilet model are due to improper installation.

Installation Video


The BTS33 NE is one of the most all-around functional composting toilets on the market today. It looks great, works simply and hits the sweet spot in terms of price. Although Biolet itself is fairly new to the American market, and is less well-known than some of its competitors, the company has an excellent pedigree in its native Sweden, and the BTS33 NE is one of the company’s best models.

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