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Donald Trump Spurs Composting Toilet Sales!

According to the Toronto Star, “America’s bunker mentality is the stuff of movies and historical lore. The desire for blast-proof walls, filtrated air and water, and composting toilets is deeply embedded in the national psyche,” and the fledgling presidency of Donald Trump is leading more Americans to make that lore a reality: to buy more composting toilets! Whether they’re anti-Trump and afraid of the consequences of his foreign and domestic policies, or they’re pro-Trump or neutral but afraid of what’s...
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Happy New Year!

Today, 2016 is the past, only as real as our memories make it. But 2017 has just begun! Let’s hope this new year brings with it an increase in the awareness and usage of composting toilets worldwide. Of course, hoping by itself doesn’t accomplish much, so let’s work toward that goal by personal choice, communicating the issues (water conservation, less reliance on existing but sometimes unnecessary, overloaded and decaying infrastructure) and always being open to fresh ideas. Our world is...
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Composting Toilets in Arizona

On December 10, the Arizona Sonora News reported: A group of composting toilet enthusiasts, local non-profits and University of Arizona researchers are collaborating to find a less wasteful way of dealing with our waste. Watershed Management Group is working with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to approve two home-built composting toilet designs for use in Arizona. If the designs are approved, Tucsonans will have a simple and cheap option to conserve water and energy, and enrich local soils. The...
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The Long Drop

UK architecture outfit Invisible Studio, who “cannot take on projects that are small in scale, unless there is an experimental or research aspect,” have nevertheless designed a composting toilet: Dubbed The Long Drop, this beautiful and eerie structure was apparently experimental enough for Invisible Studio to take on. Kudos! (Although I wouldn’t want to come across this toilet in the dark and wild woodland…)

Letter to the Editor

The Waterloo Region Record, a newspaper from the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Ontario, Canada, recently ran a story about the efforts of a local non-profit, The Working Centre, to repurpose used shipping containers as emergency shelters for the homeless. The Working Centre deals with issues of unemployment and homelessness, and one of their ideas was to install composting toilets in these converted shelters. They hit a snag: A plan to equip the bunkies with composting toilets also hit a roadblock. The...
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Composting Toilet Availability Worldwide

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the worldwide availability of composting toilets. Composting toilets are a thing in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden, as far as I’m aware. Indeed, Sweden seems to be quite a homeland for the idea. But what about the rest of the world? I don’t know if I can even say that composting toilets are popular or accessible in Scandinavia, let alone northern Europe. Online browsing shows composting toilet projects in places like...
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Tumbleweed’s Top 3 Composting Toilets

The folks at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company have posted an article by Jenna Spesard, who with her partner, Guillaume, is finishing up a Tumbleweed Tiny Home (they also have their own site, Tiny House Giant Journey) and has documented their bathroom choices with a list of their top three composting toilet picks for tiny homes. (What is a tiny home?) Jenna’s first pick is the same as ours: the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. Her third pick is Sun-Mar’s Excel NE—the...
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Key family blogs about installing Nature’s Head composting toilet

Over at boldandadventurous.com, the Key family (“a family of four living, working & exploring the USA in our Airstream”) wrote a great post about installing their Nature’s Head Composting Toilet in their RV back in January of this year. The post is required reading for anyone interested in this particular model—which we’ve rated as one of the Top 3 Self-Contained Composting Toilets—or the sustainable lifestyle in general. The article is nuts-and-bolts as well as answers to common questions. Take a...
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The Backcountry Hut Company

The Backcountry Hut Company, a project of Vancouver’s Leckie Studio Architecture + Design, is making cool looking, IKEA-inspired modular huts that will include solar arrays and composting toilets. Their website highlights the affordability of the homes, which will range from 191 to 937 square feet, but I wasn’t able to find any concrete pricing information. Worth keeping an eye on nonetheless.

From Whence We Came

Every interest starts somewhere. There’s always the spark that sets off the imagination. Even if you can’t identify it at the time, and even if that spark makes the imagination smolder before truly setting it afire perhaps months or years later, it’s there: burning, whispering… If that’s a little too romantic for describing the beginnings of an interest in a concept as down-to-Earth as composting toilets, so be it, because what’s earthly is also what’s human, and composting toilets are...
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